Top 4 Proven Soccer Betting Strategies To Increase Winnings

Soccer betting is the most popular type of sports betting around the world. However, most players lose in soccer betting because they play the bet without a strategy. On the other hand, professional betting players always play according to a strategy for a specific game and win most of the games.

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Corner Betting

If a gambler wants to increase their winning, one must be open-minded. Open-mindedness means not to stick on one type of soccer betting. Instead, gamblers must research and find the most appropriate betting type according to their gameplay and budget.

Corner betting is one of the types of soccer betting in which most players tend to win, as most players can easily keep track of the corners of the winning team. If you keep track of the corners, you can use them while shaping your next bet.

If a player still needs clarification, he can check the attacking statistics and defensive techniques. These factors can also help players to win.

Small Bets

Soccer betting entirely depends on players’ budgets. Therefore, a beginner player should always start with small betting amounts. The one thing you should not do is that putting all your eggs in one basket. Putting eggs in one basket means you should spend only some of the money in your bankroll in a single game or tournament. Unfortunately, some greedy players lose money by not keeping this in mind.

Choosing your favorite match

The best strategy to win in online soccer betting is to choose your favorite match for betting. This strategy tends to increase the winning percentage of players remarkably. Gamblers’ favorite matches are most likely to win as the other aspects of life.

This strategy provides a high probability of winning, but it’s not guaranteed that the player will win every bet. However, it is assumed that a person will win more times than lose.

Choosing Double Chance Betting

Double-chance betting means betting on two options. Players can bet on the options:

  • Team 1 or team 2 will win
  • Team 1 will win, or the game will tie
  • Team 2 will win, or the game will tie

Double-chance betting also doubles the chances of winning. If you are a player who wants to take the minimum risk, then you can surely go for double-chance betting. This type of betting increases the probability of winning by 33.3% more.

If you are betting using this method, you should bet with a higher amount to win higher stakes.


Soccer betting is not easy, but if you play with these strategies, you will surely win and enjoy your betting. However, you must remember one thing betting requires both luck and strategies. So, if your luck is not working, it doesn’t mean you should change your strategies so often.

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